Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I am Michele Johns.

Welcome! I am excited to share that my headshot & branding photoshoots aren't boring or difficult!

I am here to help you feel comfortable, love your experience and your new headshots.

Are you ready to love YOUR professional photographs?

“Your audience will decide if they like you and or trust you in under 3 seconds. Quality headshots position you as an expert in your field and gives your audience a more authentic experience of you so they can start trusting you.”


“I love my new headshots, and it was so much fun working with Michele!”

—Sunshine, Massage Therapist

“I can’t say enough good things about Michele, and the work she did on my headshots. I highly recommend her.”

—Laura, Musician

“I am loving my headshots! Everyone loves them! I also got new business cards and brochures and I love the way they turned out with my new photos! Thank you so much!!!”

—Erin, Coach